Could someone please forward this to Louis Nowra?

kings crossHi Louis,

I hope this letter finds you well.

You and I were, until December, neighbours. I lived in unit seven of your building, Doncaster Hall, for five years. We passed each other on the stairs and in the street scores of times but you probably don’t remember because you never acknowledged me.

That’s fine, I get it. Writing takes focus. I mean, those mean-spirited hit-pieces on famous feminists hardly write themselves, am I right?

But that’s by-the-by. The purpose of this note is to point out two teensy-weensy inaccuracies in your well-regarded book, Kings Cross: A Biography. (Mrs Guy-Guy is reading it right now and she’s really enjoying it.)

On pages 22-23 you recount the awful story of Star Delaney, a young resident of Doncaster Hall. You are indeed correct that Star killed herself and that her body was found in Sydney Harbour. And you are also right in saying that she was afflicted with great sadness.

However, I regret to inform you that Star was not, as you claim, a transvestite. I know this because my wife and I went to Star’s funeral in Blacktown. It’s a shame you couldn’t make it because you would have had the pleasure of meeting her family – including her beautiful daughter, who was at the time still trying to comprehend life without her mother.

I also note that you include Star as part of a broader discussion of the prostitutes who have called the building home over the years. Star was not a prostitute. She was in fact a former journalist who’d moved into corporate communications, something I’m sure you would have discovered during your exhaustive research.

Doubtless you’ll want to remove the imputation that Star was a sex worker from future editions of Kings Cross, because while you’ve protected the identity of the building in which you live (“Doncaster” Hall’s real name is, as we both know, Westminster Hall), you didn’t afford my troubled friend who took her own life the same protection.

I’m sure both you and your publisher will be horrified that such egregious errors made their way into what I gather is an otherwise excellent book.

Thanks Louis. All the best with your future endeavours.

Guy Mosel


4 thoughts on “Could someone please forward this to Louis Nowra?

  1. Thanks heaps Guy for clearing up the confusion around the name of the building … I found Westminster Hall looking in Google maps (I like to put what I am reading into context of what I already know), but I was being driven insane trying to work out where Doncaster Hall was, when Westminster Hall fitted perfectly with the description given … and why use a fictitious name for the building without acknowledging this in the book when the book is meant to be truthful (isn’t that what a biography is meant to be – details of basic facts???) Very off-putting! I shall read the rest of the book with caution, especially given your insights into other points in the book. Thank you again for your post, I really enjoyed it.

  2. Hello Guy,

    I was in exactly the same position as Tizzie. Thanks for clearing up what has to be a deliberate obfuscation. A little disappointing that the author felt that it was necessary to hide the true identity of the building. Hopefully there are not too many other undiscovered errors.



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